We oversee the well-being of your crew right through to the safe handling and supervision of your cargo


ASC Agency Pte Ltd (ASCA) offers full agency representation whether in port, on anchorage or bunkering only.


Services include:


  • Agency Attendance for Bunkering
  • Loading/Discharging/Dry-Docking
  • Protective Agency Attendance
  • Full Husbandry Attendance including crew changes
  • Ship Supply and Repairs
  • Arrangement for Priority Berthing
  • Transshipment of cargo
  • Warehousing/Inland Transportation
  • Hull/Tank Cleaning
  • Cargo and Class Surveys
  • Class Surveys
  • Ad Hoc Supercargo Services in South East Asia


ASCA is a member of the MAP International Agency Network, which consists of Marcons Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., ASC Agency Pte Ltd and Polaris Shipping Agencies (L.L.C.), and services ports in South Asia, South East Asia, and the Middle East respectively.


Thanks to the exceptional communication and steadfast reliability facilitated by the MAP network, we guarantee our clients a seamless journey across the South Eastern Hemisphere.